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Charging Optimal Rental Rates for Maximum Profit


When you host, you need to set correct rental rates so you are earning enough money.  Then you must increase your rates to earn more money without decreasing your popularity among guests.  It’s a balancing act that can leave money on the table.

Creating a Listing That Converts Visits Into Bookings


Nearly ALL Airbnb hosts are writing their descriptions and summaries wrong.  They use language like they are trying to sell the house…talking about granite counters, steel sinks, blah, blah blah.  This leads to less bookings and ultimately…less money for you.  I see it all the time and it is really kills many Airbnb hosting dreams.

Preventing and Addressing Bad Reviews


A bad review can really hurt your Airbnb rental business.  And it also makes you feel really upset.  I will give you many, many tips on how to reduce bad reviews.  Here’s a free hosting tip: Leave a guest book and ask them to write something they enjoyed about their trip.  Priming them with positive reinforcement helps cut bad reviews.

Ranking High on the Airbnb Search


The hardest thing to do is jump the search rankings….that is if you don’t know what you’re doing.  I have tested and tried many different tactics to jump up and gain more visibility for your Airbnb listing.  You will learn all of those. Remember…it’s all a numbers game.  More views = more money.

All that learning and testing we did is now YOUR benefit! With our experience, and that of others, we created a replicable Airbnb Hosting system that we can teach to you…best of all it works in ALL Airbnb markets. The course we teach is applicable to all types of Airbnb hosts.  Ones that have single rooms and those who have entire homes or apartments. To date, we have personally helped 4,000+ students through the course alone.

2013 Earnings

Only hosted on Airbnb for 5 months.  Sad to say, but we made TONS of mistakes…but still made over $34,000!

2014 Earnings

This was a full year of hosting on Airbnb.  On and off, but stuck to it for 12 full months.  Nearly doubled the income of the prior year!

July 2014 Earnings

In one month we generated over $11,000 in income from our Airbnb listing.  Join the course and we can help you earn more revenue!

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Personalized Airbnb Coaching and Support

Need someone to review your listing?  How about give you advice on pictures?

Or do you have a unique question that hasn’t been answered yet?

Then that’s what we are here for. !

My team and I will help you every step of the way.  From starting your first listing, to growing your Airbnb business…we can coach you through it all.

You put in the effort and you will succeed.

ACT NOW to Get Instant Access to the #1 Airbnb Hosting Course At 82% OFF!



ACT NOW to Get Instant Access to the Airbnb Hosting Course At 82% OFF!

Only $99  $527