Short Term Rental Pros takes the work out of renting your home or apartment. We list and manage your place on top property rental sites including Airbnb, Homeaway and VRBO. We handle guest booking, key exchange, cleaning, maintenance, and guest communication before during and after each reservation.

Anyone who wants to rent their home to make supplementary income. Our customers include:

  • Homeowners on extended vacations who want to rent out their home but don’t have the time to manage it
  • Property owners who want to make more money through short-term rentals than standard monthly rentals

Yes, if you’re interested in exploring short term rentals for your home, we can help you get set up on Airbnb and other platforms.

The Short Term Rental Pros Data Analytics Team has engineered a pricing algorithm that takes into account factors like zip code, number of bedrooms, historical pricing data, and current neighborhood prices to adjust your nightly rates and maximize your revenue per booking. In addition, Short Term Rental Pros uses a dynamic pricing strategy to fill any open dates or last minute cancellations and ensure your place is always booked.

Short Term Rental Pros offers homeowners two ways to earn income from their homes.

      • Pay-Per-Booking means homeowners pay a fee of 20% of their rental income for Short Term Rental Pro’s management services, roughly half the price of most competitors which routinely charge anywhere from 25-40% fee. With Pay-Per-Booking, homeowners have calendar and pricing control and flexibility to set available dates (at less than 30 days) and to create a minimum nightly price.


      • Fixed Income Guarantee gives homeowners a pre-determined monthly income from their short term rentals. Every month, Short Term Rental Pros will pay homeowners a set fee for the privilege of managing their rental home. Using 85 criteria including location, number of bedrooms, and amenities, Short Term Rental Pros is accurately able to predict both occupancy and daily pricing. This option is only available for homes whereShort Term Rental Pros can manage rentals for at least an entire month. Inquire with your sales contact to see if your home qualifies for this option.

Short Term Rental Pros has got you covered. We screen guests before they complete reservations, and we check and document your property between guests. If something is not how you left it, please reach out to support immediately, and we’ll take care of it. We do recommend that our hosts invest in Homesharing Liability Insurance, available through

  • The Atlanta Perimeter & Airport area; including Hapeville, etc

  • Delaware-Maryland-Virginia (DMV); including Washington, D.C..

  • New York Tri-State Area; including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey

  • Virgin Islands, West Indies (W.I.); this includes BVI & UVI

Click ‘Get Started’, tell us a bit about your home, and schedule a time for a Short Term Rental Pros Property Expert to visit your home. We will reach out to you to discuss your property, answer any questions you may have and set up an in-person meeting to get your home ready for rental.

We support listings in any country. Since our front desk staff are virtual and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can handle accounts in any country and or timezone.

As of now, we only support English. We can try to translate questions using Google Translate if you wish, or forward non-english queries directly to you.

No. We offer different plans based on usage, so if you only want to use this service occasionally, we have a plan for you.

Unfortunately, we cannot since we solely an internet based service. However, we can coordinate dropoffs with your trusted key-person, or coordinate the usage of a lockbox or other service as you prefer.

Yes, we can arrange your cleanings. If you have a cleaner you love, we will arrange scheduling directly with them as we get bookings, so you don’t have to do a thing! If you are looking for a cleaner, we can help you find one with one our partners.

We are working on one now! If you are interested, please contact us and we can fill you in on the details.

Sure! You still have full access to your accounts, and can use any / all the functions you wish.

Sure, you have full account access, so you can update your calendar or listing at any time!

Dynamic pricing is available on our Pro Plan. This comprises of two things:

  • if you want to update the nightly rate, weekly rate, monthly rate etc on any or ALL of your accounts, just tell as and we can take care of it for you across all platforms.

  • We can also update prices for you based on guidelines, such as enter last minute pricing if you have vacancies, and update pricing for high and low seasons etc.

Of course! Check out our plans. Each listing will need its own plan. If you have more than 5 listings and are interested in a bulk discount, let us know and we can get you a great deal!

Once you select a plan and submit your payment information, an account specialist will be in touch with you within 24 hours to conduct an on-boarding interview. We will ask you about your screening criteria, booking requirements, cleaners, key exchange method, etc, so please have that info ready. We will walk you through each step of the process so we can handle your unit just like you would!

Unlike other services, we can handle ALL the major listing sites: AirBnB, VRBO, Homeaway, Tripadvisor, Flipkey, and more. If you are using one not on this list, contact us and I bet we can manage it for you once we look into it!

Of course! If you have a plan that supports it, all your calendars will ALWAYS be in sync.

Yes! We act as your agent, and are fully in compliance with all major listing sites.

Just contact us.

Well, we will be sad to see you go! Outside of that, all you need to do is change your email and phone number to your own services, and that’s it. Since you always had control over you account, nothing else changes.

Yes, we believe we have the best product and support out there. If for any reason you aren’t happy, just let us know. We offer a 7 day trial, no questions asked try us for 7 days and pay nothing!