As soon as you register, a Hosting Specialist will be assigned to help you get started with Short Term Rental Pros. After a consultation, we’ll create a professional listing for your home based on the criteria that you provide. Your Hosting Specialist will learn about your home and make sure you fully capitalize on all of its features and amenities. We’ll address any questions your guests may have before, during, or after their stay and we will repeat the process for many more guests to come.

When your property goes live, our Reservation Desk will manage your listings around the clock to ensure you are always represented and never miss a reservation. We’ll match the compatibility of guests according to your criteria and ensure that you continue to receive top notch reviews.

A major tenet of our company is placing a premium on quality servicing. The reviews you receive are an accurate depiction of the quality management services we provide. With that said, our cleaning partners will ensure that your properties are pristine before and after each guest’s stay. We will bring the best on board to make sure that you’re always in good hands.

  • Coordinate with your key holder
  • Lockbox and Smart Locks
  • 24/7 and Super-Fast
  • Faster Replies = More bookings
  • Professional
  • Handle frequently asked questions