What services does Short Term Rental Pros offer?

Short Term Rental Pros takes the work out of renting your home or apartment. We list and manage your place on top property rental sites including Airbnb, Homeaway and VRBO. We handle guest booking, key exchange, cleaning, maintenance, and guest communication before during and after each reservation.

Who should use Short Term Rental Pros?

Anyone who wants to rent their home to make supplementary income. Our customers include:

  • Homeowners on extended vacations who want to rent out their home but don’t have the time to manage it
  • Property owners who want to make more money through short term rentals than standard monthly rentals

Can I use Short Term Rental Pros even if I don’t list my property on Airbnb or VRBO?

Yes, if you’re interested in exploring short term rentals for your home, we can help you get set up on Airbnb and other platforms.

How does Short Term Rental Pros help me earn more from my rental property?

The Short Term Rental Pros Data Analytics Team has engineered a pricing algorithm that takes into account factors like zip code, number of bedrooms, historical pricing data, and current neighborhood prices to adjust your nightly rates and maximize your revenue per booking. In addition, Short Term Rental Pros uses a dynamic pricing strategy to fill any open dates or last minute cancelations and ensure your place is always booked.

How much does Short Term Rental Pros cost?

Short Term Rental Pros offers homeowners two ways to earn income from their homes.

  1. Pay-Per-Booking means homeowners pay a fee of 20% of their rental income for Short Term Rental Pros’s management services, roughly half the price of most competitors which routinely charge anywhere from 25-40% fee. With Pay-Per-Booking, homeowners have calendar and pricing control and flexibility to set available dates (at less than 30 days) and to create a minimum nightly price.
  2. Fixed Income Guarantee gives homeowners a pre-determined monthly income from their short term rentals. Every month, Short Term Rental Pros will pay homeowners a set fee for the privilege of managing their rental home. Using 85 criteria including location, number of bedrooms, and amenities, Short Term Rental Pros is accurately able to predict both occupancy and daily pricing. This option is only available for homes where Short Term Rental Pros can manage rentals for at least an entire month. Inquire with your sales contact to see if your home qualifies for this option.

What happens if guests damage my property?

Short Term Rental Pros has got you covered. We screen guests before they complete reservations, and we check and document your property between guests. If something is not how you left it, please reach out to support immediately, and we’ll take care of it. We do recommend that our hosts invest in Homesharing Liability Insurance, available through Peers.org.

What measures are taken to ensure the safety of my property?

After managing thousands of reservations, we’ve got this one down! We make sure that guests are verified with the booking channel and have positive reviews. If a guest doesn’t have enough reviews we will interview them over the phone to ensure safety and fit with your home.

Where does Short Term Rental Pros currently operate?

  • The Atlanta Metropolitan Area
  • Virginia
  • Delaware
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Maryland
  • New York Tri-State area; including New York City 5 boroughs, New Jersey, Connecticut
  • Caribbean; including British Virgin Islands

How do I get started?

Click ‘Get Started’, tell us a bit about your home, and schedule a time for a Short Term Rental Pros Property Expert to visit your home. We will reach out to you to discuss your property, answer any questions you may have and set up an in-person meeting to get your home ready for rental.

How long does it take to set up?

  • 2 hours out of your schedule.
  • 1-2 business days until you’re on Short Term Rental Pros Service

How do we make more money for you?

  • 24/7 booking team ensures a high booking-rate.
  • We use multiple platforms and optimize your listings.
  • Pricing optimization adapts to changes in demand.

How much does it cost?

  • 20% of each booking

I am already an Airbnb host, does it make sense to use your services?

Yes, it does if you feel that you are missing opportunities to host guests because you are too busy. We take over the hassle of short-term rental so that you can make the best use of your time and extra money.

I own a property that I rent long-term, does it make sense to use your services?

Yes. Short-Term rental allows you to generate more revenue from your home, even after you deduct extra taxes and our service fee. We also carefully screen guests to ensure your satisfaction.

I own a vacation home, does it make sense to use your services?

Yes. Our “friends and family” service gives you the flexibility to reserve the place for your personal use, and it comes at no cost. We simply ask that you give us proper notice.



Is the management agreement with Short Term Rental Pros exclusive?

Yes. It enables us to deliver a consistent experience to the satisfaction of your guests, as well as be efficiently organized, which is why we are able to offer very competitive rates.

Can I use only some of your services?

No, we provide “all inclusive” services to ensure the full satisfaction of your Airbnb guests. We deliver a complete experience that your guests will love: it can’t be broken into parts.

Can I request your services on a stay per stay basis?

No, we deliver our services for an extended period of time.  We seek to build long term relationships with each of our property owners. Further, you only pay us when you have guests in your home.  As such, our interests are perfectly aligned.

Do you operate in my area?

The areas where we operate are listed on our “Locations” page. If you do not see your city or neighborhood in the list, please let us know and we will get back to you as we expand.

How often will you clean my place?

Before your first guest with us, then after each stay. If we think your place needs additional cleaning, we will notify you. Keeping your place clean is one of our priorities.

Do you also take care of long-term rentals?

We don’t. The maximum length we accept is 28 days. Long-term rentals operate by different laws and different economics, which we believe are less favorable to you.

Are you operating within Airbnb’s terms of use?

Yes.  You remain the account holder and money from Airbnb is wired directly to you. We are simply representing you for all communications with guests, with your permission.

Do you use other short-term rental services than Airbnb?

We do occasionally, but that’s not our preference. Airbnb is the best service we’ve seen so far and it offers a rich set of information to screen guests, with profile, verified ID and reviews.

How are guests approved?

We select guests for you, based on criteria that you provide us. This includes making sure that guests have a verified ID and positive reviews on the Airbnb platform.

Can you work with my existing cleaning service provider?

Yes, as long as they are willing to adhere to Short Term Rental Pros’s high standard for quality and accept our standard level of compensation based upon the size of your property.

How many sets of keys do I need to provide?

Short Term Rental Pros requires at least two sets of keys for each property (preference for three sets).  One set of keys are provided to the guests during their stay and one set is kept at our office in the event of an emergency (e.g. lock outs).  Many guests prefer to have two sets of keys in their possession.  As such, our strong preference is for three sets of keys.

How will Short Term Rental Pros handle my keys?

Keeping your keys safe is of utmost importance to us.  Key exchanges will only occur 1) in person; or 2) through the utilization of a “smart box,” similar to what is used by real estate professionals, with the unique code communicated only to the guest prior to arrival.

How do you select your personnel and contractors?

We only work with skilled professionals that are carefully selected based on experience, qualifications and trustworthiness. We also perform background checks, as needed.



Is there a sign-up fee or monthly rate?

No, we don’t have a sign-up fee or a monthly rate. We only charge 15% of the pre-tax revenue you earn from Airbnb plus the cleaning fee.

When is my payment due?

Payment is due after our services are delivered. This means after each stay and/or after we clean the place. We will send you an invoice for each payment.

How can I make Payment?

Short Term Rental Pros accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) as well as payment through ACH debit.

Does Short Term Rental Pros store my credit card information?

Short Term Rental Pros does not store any of your credit card information, or ACH information, on our servers.  We work with PaySimple to process payments. They have best in class data security which provides piece of mind that your payment information is always kept safe secure. Once you make your first payment your information will be stored in the PaySimple system for future charges.

What happens if I am due a refund?

Short Term Rental Pros will provide a credit for future services.

How are your services tax deductible?

Generally, our services are deductible from your rental revenue for income tax purposes, if you choose to itemize the expenses.. However, we cannot guarantee any tax benefits or deductions.  Please consult with your tax advisors who will assist you with determining the proper treatment based upon your individual tax circumstances.

Do you have a referral program?

We have a referral program. A new Short Term Rental Pros customer that is referred gets 50% off first cleaning and the Short Term Rental Pros customer who provided the referral gets a $20 dollar credit on future services.



How do I cancel your service?

You simply notify us by email, specifying the date at which you wish to terminate the service. We ask that you notify us 14 days in advance and that you honor any outstanding stay or reservation we have made.

Is there a termination fee?

There are no termination fees, we simply ask that you give us advance notice so we don’t have any outstanding stay or reservations at the date of termination.

What happens after I cancel your service?

On the termination date, we will immediately redirect all Airbnb communications to you, return your keys, and ask that you settle any outstanding payment.



What cities do you operate in?

Since we are your personal assistant in the cloud, we are not limited to specific locations.

That means that we are available everywhere.

Is there a minimum of days I have to put my apartment for rent each month?

Absolutely not. You can have one day or thirty, or even zero. Just because you can’t host every month it doesn’t mean you have to cancel your Airbnb and Short Term Rental Pros account. Keep it up and listed. People can add your listing to their wish list. We take care of your profile even while it’s hibernating.

Can I use you guys only when I’m asleep or out of town?

Yes. Some of our customers love to keep responding by themselves and use us only as a backup service while they are unavailable. We can custom tailor our service to your specific needs.

Can I use only some of your services?

Sure. We can custom tailor our services to your specific needs.

Is there a monthly rate?

No. We don’t charge you a subscription. We charge only a percentage of booked reservations. Check out our pricing page here: Pricing

What languages do you support?

Currently we only support English. If you receive inquiries in a different language we will do our best and try to translate it using Google Translate but we can’t guarantee a great translation.

We can also just forward non-English inquiries to you if you prefer.

Do you have referral program?

We are excited that you love our service and want to recommend us to others. We’re working on cool stuff that should be out soon. Keep and eye out, or better yet, contact us!

I really love you, how can I help?

Thank you. We are extremely happy that you love our service.

Please tell your friends about us! You can share the word through: Facebook, Twitter.

Airbnb Website

Can I still use my Airbnb user for traveling?

Of course! We only take care of the hosting side of your profile. You keep full access to your Airbnb account so can use it for your traveling needs and all travel-related messages will be automatically forwarded to you.

Do you need my account credentials?

No. You never give us your password and we immediately reset your password as we get the confirmation of the email change.

This way you don’t have to tell us your previous password and we create a new one and send it to you immediately.

There is absolutely no way for us to know the password you’ve used before.

Do you have access to my Facebook?

Nope. As simple as that.

But you can like us on Facebook if you want: www.facebook.com/shorttermrentalpros

What if I don’t already have an Airbnb profile?

Since we’ve never been to your place, we believe that you can do a better job describing it.

Go ahead and create your account: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/new

It shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes and we can help if you have any questions.

Our Service

Can I still approve each guest myself?

Of course! We are here for you. We understand your home is your most important space and we will do anything you ask to make you feel comfortable with renting it out. If you want us to contact you and let you approve each guest individually, we will do that.

Keep in mind though that this causes longer response times for guests and may lead to fewer bookings. Accordingly, many of our customers prefer that we accept or reject their guests according to their screening criteria.

Can you take care of the cleaning for me?

Yes! We are not a cleaning company but we do coordinate cleanings. We will handle booking and coordinating of cleanings with a cleaning service of your choice. If you already have a cleaner you like we’ll work with them and if you don’t we can recommend a cleaner in your area.

Can you take care of key exchanges?

Since we are an online solution we never meet your guests in person. With that being said there are several options for key exchanges that we can manage.

If you have a smart lock or lockbox we will coordinate with your guests around it, if you have a contact person like a neighbor, friend or a 3rd party service we will coordinate with them around guests arrival time and delays.

Why don’t you offer in person meet and greet service?

From our experience guests are almost always late and this leads to many additional fees. We decided not to make the experience dependant on meeting a person. We believe that technology is a better solution for both guests and hosts.

Do you manage only Airbnb listings? Do you work with other websites like HomeAway, VRBO, etc?

We currently only manage Airbnb listings, but it’s in our roadmap to expand to other platforms very soon. Let us know which platform you want us to implement first.

What if I have more than one listing?

No Problem. We have many happy customers with multiple listings.

How can I change my calendar?

Since you keep full access to your Airbnb account you can just update your calendar yourself or, if you prefer, send it to your assigned account manager after sign up.


How do I cancel your service?

Canceling your Short Term Rental Pros account is as simple as going to your myAccount dashboard and clicking on account cancelation.

If you were not satisfied, we’d appreciate any feedback about the experience you had and the reason for your dissatisfaction so we can work to fix it for future users.

What happens to my profile if I stop using Short Term Rental Pros?

Nothing, it all stays the same. Your profile is yours. Everything that’s on it stays with you, including all the reviews, pictures, past bookings, messages history and all the details on your profile.

Any billable bookings that were made during your Short Term Rental Pros membership will just be billed on the next billing cycle.

Sign Up

What happens after I sign up?

After sign up, we will send you instructions on how to sync your Airbnb account to our system.

After you sync your account, one of our account managers will be in contact with you to get all the details about your listing and hosting preferences. We won’t take any actions on your behalf until we’re clear on what exactly what services you need.

And that’s it!

Why do you need to change my email?

Great question. We wrote a comprehensive explanation – here


How do I pay you?

Once you start getting bookings as a Short Term Rental Pros user we will ask you for your credit card details. We will then send you your transaction details and notify you before you will be charged on the next billing cycle.

Do I pay if I have no bookings?

No! Our pricing is based on a percentage of your bookings. So if you have no bookings you pay us nothing.

If you don’t get bookings, feel free to contact us and we can work together on what to do to improve your listing’s performance.


Where can I find your privacy policy?

Right Here – Privacy

Are you operating within Airbnb Terms of Service?

Yes. Using Short Term Rental Pros is completely within Airbnb’s Terms of Service.